Children Photography / Kids Portrait

Children’s portrait is the funniest and the most difficult genre in photography. Kid’s emotions are so genuine, their freedom so limitless! It’s all about right place and right moment. I can wait. I love to work with kids. As father, as teacher, as a friend.

I don’t talk with parents about time during children’s photo shoot. Because it’s kids. I’m OK when my tiny photo model “doesn't give a cookie” about the photographer and his schedule, parents schedule, price per hour, weather and quantity of light, about all this stuff that you prepared for the photoshoot. She. Just. Wants. Cookie. Here and now. I LOVE IT!

Age? From newborns to seniors. And graduates. Actually, I know couple of guys who are still kids in their 40’s.

I love to work with natural light because bright flashes definitely not the best thing for children’s eyes. Yes, choosing right place for photo shoot can be tough but at the end of the process I usually have live photos but not those plastic lifeless pictures.