Gay Wedding Photographer: Gallaher Mansion, Norwalk, Connecticut

I want to be crystal clear - technically, there is no difference between a gay wedding, straight wedding, mature wedding, young wedding, interracial wedding. I know, I know - every event is unique, every couple is special, there are no the same venues etc.  But for a camera and an artist (wedding photographer is an artist, right?) it doesn't matter. 

Emotions, poses, light, composition - we think only about it. How to capture this particular moment in the best way? How to show the inner connection between two loving hearts? How to frame true happiness with all these important details?

And you know what? Happiness doesn't have skin color, race, sexual orientation or religion. And my new friends - Stefan and Ryan - proved it to me once again. It was the awesome day in Connecticut for Massachusetts wedding photographer, and even though I was at home about 3 am, I spent couple extra minutes for quick editing these pictures. Yep, I have a crazy rule: No matter what, you have to send thank-you-latter the same day!