Wedding Photography

  • Professional. More than 7 years of experience in portrait and event photography.
  • Affordable. With all this experience I hold extremely low rates.    
  • Creative. I take the best from American and European wedding photography.


Portrait and event photography is my full-time job. I've started as corporate photographer more than 8 years ago. All I know about photography and all "magic" I can do with my camera - it's all about years and years of shooting and studying. True emotions, true feelings, happy and bright eyes, smiles and tears - that is what I want to capture with my camera. My diploma in journalism also helps me to hold the line of event and catch most important moments of your wedding. 



Me and my family moved to the US less than 3 years ago. All my clients, testimonials, contacts, marketing efforts, brands etc. - I left everything there, abroad. Now I do my business here from scratch. And unfortunately for me but fortunately for you, the fastest way to build business in new country is holding lower price. So price is low (from $500), quality is high and now you know why.



I know a lot about different styles - I did a lot of weddings here, in Europe, in Russia. I know a lot about my stuff - prime lenses, full-frame camera, flashlights, reflectors etc.. I know a lot about cultures - I was working with brides and grooms from USA, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Armenia, Pakistan, India etc. And I do my best to force all my knowledge to work for you.

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